Fjortis-crush caused by book


Yeay, Fjortisar!!! Wait, wtf is a fjortis? A fjortis is usually a girl/young woman who proudly acts like a 14 year old girl (the word is even based on the Swedish word Fjorton, meaning Fourteen). They are easy to spot due to some common similarities like blond hair, bad home tanning products, way to dark and yellow make up, laughing like a retard when they don’t understand things and often surrounding themselves with bright girly colours.

So, what does it mean to have a Fjortis-Crush? It’s something like this;

-”Omfg, Edward is the hottest thing on earth!!! / I wish Jack Sparrow took my virginity… / I WILL FUCKING MARRY LEGOLAS SO DON’T SAY HE’S NOT REAL!!!!!! *rampage* / Mmmmh, Snape. A big nose means a big ….., if you know what I mean ;) / I don’t care if David Beckham cheated on his wife like a million times, he wouldn’t do it to me if we got married”
-”Have you ever met him irl?”
-”No, but that doesn’t change anything!!!!”

This my friend, is a fjortis-crush… And I’m always it’s tragic victim… We’re talking Snape, Rhodry Maelwaedd, Yraen, Sarcyn, Robbie from Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, Louis de Pointe du Lac, High Lord Akkarin, Lord Dannyl, Faramir, *cough*movie-Legolas*cough*…. wtf, I was like 11, maybe 12 :C It was cool to hear Puppy Love playing in your head when you thought about him… But anyway, the list goes on and on… But after speaking with some of my friends, they never have to live through this so I started wondering how common this is O.O I know other people have this as well, otherwise Harry Potter fanfic wouldn’t cover half the internet… But is it really considerer common? How many people live with this “condition”? One in ten? One in a hundred? In a million? I don’t know, but I wanna :O

Turn to page 394, snapes last words, ninacrown

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